Riley Mompesson


Fed on a diet of stories about the miracles priests of old could perform, he was excited when at the age of 10 he was indoctrinated into the local church as an altar boy.

When plague struck his family and then spread around the small homestead, the local priest was unable to help, and terrified of the contracting the plague himself, the priest barred the doors of the church until those afflicted all died, and then he fled.

Riley was 12 years old at this time and having buried his family and the villagers who had also perished, he was left alone.

It was around this time, that a local witch came through the village, and not realising that the plague had already done it’s worst to him, he was amazed that the spells she cast saved his life.
In reality, having some immunity to the plague the simple cantrips that she cast had no effect at all, other than to convince him that magic, not faith, was the real power in the world.

He is extremely bitter towards anyone who is overly religious, seeing priests as nothing more than charlatans at best.

If he were to see a genuine miracle it may reaffirm his faith, but he has no confidence that this will ever happen and instead looks to find the answers from genuine magic.

Low charisma due to being pockmarked, often bitter and angry when faced with any religion. Self-reliant and introverted, but any display of magic will bring him out of his shell.


Riley Mompesson

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