Jack Wright

Jack 'Blackjack' Wright, Fighter, Smith and Adventurer


Blackjack is a capable warrior. Brave in battle, fighting from the front. He has made his own armour, and it is rarely penetrated. Unlike many frontline fighters, Jack has a keen brain, and is vocal in combat. He always seeks out advantageous positions from which to fight, and will not give his life away cheaply by facing impossible odds. He is a gambling man, and plays to win.

Jack wears full armour, and carries a shield. He uses a broad sword.


Jack Wright, known locally as ‘Blackjack’, runs a reputable and profitable Smithy. It’s a nice traditional smithy, just off the town square, round the corner from the main inn so that he can gain passing trade from re-shoeing any horses that are in the inn stables that require it. He lives in and owns the house adjoining the smithy, a small, slightly-wonky two floor affair made from stone (to reduce fire risk from the forge) with a couple of bedrooms.

The business came into Blackjack’s hands when the previous owner died 15 year ago. He was apprenticed there, and has, in turn, taken on a local lad to take over when his strength fails. The boy, known as ‘Tom the Cat’ is keen and capable. Blackjack himself is unmarried, and without children. He is fiercely proud of his workmanship, his skill with both weapons and armour, and of his reputation.

Jack is very financially astute, and runs an ‘under the counter’ bookmaking business as a sideline to his blacksmithing. He will accept bets on almost anything, and is very quick to offer odds in conversation. He is obsessed with the relative value of things, and would hate to on the wrong end of a ‘bad deal’. Now approaching 40, he has become increasingly aware that he will never be rich trading goods, taking bets or mending horseshoes. He is looking for other, more lucrative pastimes.

Blackjack enjoys his money, and secretly donates large sums to his local church, to orphaned children and to women who have lost their husbands. He leaves the gold anonymously, as he would hate to have his hard earned reputation as a hard-man tarnished by such feminine generosity.

Jack Wright

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