Tears of Destruction

An Altar, a body and a puzzle

After defeating the undead Aboleth you decided to take a short rest and gather your wits. You also began to feel the effects of the nearby Tears’ necrotic energy causing damage to your bodies….most of you resisted the effects well enough but did not relish the thought of staying within the zone of effect any longer than was necessary.

You proceeded on to the next room and found an altar to Avandra that was guarded by a undead skeletal clerical lichical type creature. The creature was a powerful adversary but Riley managed to hold the creature in-check with a barrage of divine commands, he even managed to look distant and distracted at times.

Whilst Riley held the creature back the rest of you landed many telling blows and managed to pound it into dust before it could do too much damage. You claimed a magical robe and mace from the remains.

One of the other parties that you are working with sent a message over the rings of coordinated assault. It was one of the mages, whispering into the ring. “All of my colleagues are dead….we encountered no opposition until we got close to the tear. Then a thirty foot tall undead creature killed them all. It was terrifying, like a piece of walking-darkness. It hunts me now even as a talk and hide. Oh no it’s found me! It’s coming! Pelor save me! Gnu! Arghhh!!!! squelch thud”. Silence followed.

With time being of such importance you decided to press on without spending any more time in the room. You opened the next door, followed the passageway and went into the next room.

This room contained three Marshals Bane Skeletons and a perfectly preserved beautiful female human body laid on a stone plinth and covered in a clear crystal structure.

You entered the room and destroyed the Marshals Bane skeletons but not before one managed to beat Jack to the floor and kill off one of the guards that were accompanying you.

You were left in the room with a crystal-covered body to ponder over and no exits but four sets of four symbols on the wall at the end of the room.

Ragnar suggested investigating the crystal that the female body is in. As it seems to be stopping the effects of the tear, that seemed your best option and could be useful to investigate to help find ways of combating the other 71 tears that have been located.



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