The following divine Titans were released during the Crucible of the gods.

Each one is a creature of free will to do as it would naturally do. They are however by their very nature likely to gravitate towards certain destinies and being ‘touched by a god’ will also help steer them in a certain direction too.

  • Moradin placed an Earth Elemental in the depths of a lake south of Amundfor.
  • Avandra released a Sphinx in the Bright Desert.
  • Ioun set a Baelnorn deep in the Valley of the Mage.
  • The Raven Queen put a Sorrowsworn Doomguard close to then nearest Tear to Krakenheim.
  • Kord freed a Minotaur high in the Corusk Mountains.

The evil gods all chose to abstain from placing a titan.


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