The Key to the City of Greyhawk

On the continent of Flanaess, the concept of being a “Key to the City” dates back beyond remembered times. It is rarely bestowed these days as few individuals perform deeds worthy of the award.

Being awarded the Key to the City grants the recipient the freedom to enter and leave the city as they wish, none may bar their entry without good cause and must justify their reason to the ruling monarch.

This entitlement has never been revoked and thus it is assumed that it cannot be revoked. Laws however can be changed as situations demand.

A difficult knowledge History check also reveals that those awarded the key to the city can exercise the following rights:

  • Commandeer the assistance of members of the city guard if it is in the interests of the city.
  • Gain free accommodation and meals at any inn in the city if they are unable to pay their own way at the time. The costs can be claimed back by the inn in question from the Crown.
  • Demand access to private property within the city if they believe that a threat or danger exists within the property.
  • Request basic arms and armour if they possess none them selves.

The Key to the City of Greyhawk

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