The Graveyard Inn

An inn primarily frequented by folk of shorter stature. The inn itself is located in the cellar beneath a grain warehouse in the artisans quarter of Greyhawk.

The inn has a low-ceiling, possibly explaining the main reason for it’s patrons being of the shorter persuasion. To reinforce the target audience, the room is in almost darkness, the only source of light being that which shines through cracks in the overhead floor and three small candles lighting the whole room.

The outcome of this is that anyone with Darkvision is fine, those with low-light vision enjoy the moody atmosphere, but those with normal vision struggle to see more than five feet away and end up using the three candles as navigation points when moving around the interior often tripping over the tables and chairs there-in.

One candle is by the bar, opposite the door. The other two candles are at either side of the room. The tables in the corner are darkest and thus most popular.

The place has an earthy, bready, wholesome smell to it and feels quite secure despite the high levels of darkness.

The pub gains it’s name from the way folks emerging from its depths during daytime look like the dead stumbling out into the blinding light, staggering back and forth as their eyes adjust.

It is owned by a husband and wife pair of Dwarves; Buram and Rosam Rifton. A no-nonsense couple that run a tidy ship with strictly average ales and strictly average prices.

The Graveyard Inn

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