Information discovered about the Tears.

First one found in the Crypt of the Crimson Shield near Tringlee. Destroyed by our heroes but with a massive mushroom cloud of necrotic energy left in it’s wake.

Riley has one half of the destroyed tear and is studying it to learn more (one arcana check per level to try and discover the next tier of information about the Tear).

The King of Greyhawk has revealed that there are currently 72 other possible locations of tears and that the nearest is in the Mistmarsh south-east of Greyhawk city.

Tear mechanics

Each Tear seems to share a number of characteristics that are common and predictable.  Also using careful calculation and specific formula it seems possible to extrapolate what effects different size Tears will manifest in the areas around them.  The following information is available if a successful skill check is performed.  A character can only research one characteristic (heading) at a time and is only allowed a single skill check each time they go up a level to see if they have been successful in their research.  They must also be trained in the associated skill or no check is permitted.

Tear Mechanics Level 1 – Vulnerability

(Arcane or Religion Skill Check DC10) All tears seem to share a vulnerability to Radiant energy.  In fact it seems that Radiant energy is the only force that is capable of doing any damage to the Tear material.  All other forms of damage are resisted, even Dragon Breath, Volcanic Lava and raw Magical energy.

Radiant damage inflicted upon a tear seems to sustain itself over a number of moments (rounds).  This means that inflicting some damage on a tear may not initially appear to have much effect, but as the Radiance burns away over the following few moments, further damage occurs which may result in the tear breaking apart.

Tear Mechanics Level 2 – Energy Source

(Arcane Skill Check DC15) The areas of effect that all tears inflict seem to be powered by raw Necrotic energy.  This energy is contained within the hollow area inside the Tear shell.  A massive quantity of this raw energy is held there under incredible pressure.  When the tear integrity is compromised, the raw energy escapes at high speed, causing the local area to be contaminated.

Any living being occupying a space contaminated by Necrotic energy will be dead in a matter of moments (automatically take ‘surge’ value damage for each round spent in same space as raw Necrotic energy).

Tear Mechanics Level 3 – Zone Manifestations

(Arcane Skill Check DC20) The area around a Tear is affect by a number of different conditions within hours of a Tear being placed.  These conditions fall roughly into three different zones with those closest to the Tear being the most affected and intense.

The outer-most zone is best referred to as the Zone of Decay. All living things within this zone are affected on an hourly basis.  The energy being slowly radiated by the Tear causes Necrotic damage, with those who have a more hardy outlook handling the effects better than their delicate counterparts.

All plant life within this zone wither’s and dies.  All animals vacate the area as soon as possible, insects are somewhat resistant to the effects but eventually also leave..  Water becomes tainted and if drank causes sickness.

(Once per hour the tear attacks the Fortitude Defence of all living things within it’s range.  A successful attack inflicts damage, a failed attack inflicts half damage.  The exact attack bonus and damage varies depending upon the size of the tear.)

As you travel closer to the Tear you pass through to the second zone, which can be described as the Zone of Corruption.  This more intense zone possesses all the characteristics of the Zone of Decay, although living creatures are affected after only ten minutes within the zone, not an hour.

Also a secondary effect commonly occurring within this zone is that the dead can become animated, often in powerful ways.  It is also not unheard of for plants to spring to life and attack the living, for wild animals to become dangerous and frenzied, and for all manner of sicknesses of the mind to occur.

(Every ten minutes the zone attacks Fortitude Defence of all living things just as the Zone of Decay did.  The attack bonus and damage inflicted again varies by tear size.  The secondary effects of undeath, insanity, etc. occur at the DM’s discretion.)

Those brave or foolish enough to go very close to a tear will encounter the third and most powerful zone, the Zone of Death.  In this zone you can feel the raw energy being emitted by the Tear, much like feeling the heat when standing next to a forge furnace.  Within the final zone, living things are harmed every minute that they spend there, resulting in a relatively quick death.

No ‘corruption’ occurs within this zone, so undead are not created, plants are not twisted, etc.  Any undead within a Zone of Death though are bolstered considerably by the abundance of Necrotic energy.  The exact nature of this bolstering varies by situation, Tear size and the undead in question.  Effects can vary from greater strength to keener intellect and almost always regeneration.

(Each minute in the zone attacks the Fortitude Defence of all living things just as the previous zone did.)

Exactly where one zone ends and another begins is usually clear to those within it.  The increase / decrease in effect intensity is gradual, but there appears to be an easily noticeable threshold where the effects change.  Whilst the zones are naturally spherical in shape, atmospheric conditions such as physical barriers and magic effects can change the shape somewhat.


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