Kimbertons Circle

Kimbertons circle is a magical artifact that is resident within the town of Tringlee.

It is a cross-shaped device, roughly seven inches square, and half an inch thick.  It weighs around four pounds and looks to be made of smooth, cream-coloured marble.  There are no patterns, symbols or markings of any type on it.

The circle has been studied at length by three different scholars over the ages.  They have concluded that it is completely impervious to magic and physical damage of any type.  Even fire, acid and electricity seem to have no effect on it.

The item does not radiate magic and any magic cast directly at the item vanishes as if it was never cast.  Attempting to put the circle in the path of magic not directly cast at it, always fails often with disastrous results.

The three scholars that have studied the item over time all reported to suffer from a series of unfortunate incidents when taking the item away from it’s home town, and a series of fortunate events upon returning it.  One scholar was attacked by three different bandit groups and lost a leg and an ear when taking the item away for study but rescued a stranded maiden and found true love when returning the item.

The best summary that the wisest of the wise has proclaimed about the item is that “It is an artifact from the gods of utterly pointless proportions”.

It is custom in Tringlee that when local citizens are setting off to do a worthwhile task or moving on to another location, or a situation that requires some kind of formal community acknowledgment then the town gathers around the artifact and someone makes a speech to recognise the event and wish them luck.

Kimbertons Circle

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