The One-Eyed God

Type: Greater God
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Sphere: Savagery
Dominion: Nishrek
Priests: Shamans
Adjective: Gruuman
Domain: Destruction, Strength
Gruumsh is the chaotic evil god of destruction, lord of marauding barbarian hordes. Where Bane commands conquest, Gruumsh exhorts his followers to slaughter and pillage. Orcs are his fervent followers, and they bear a particular hatred for elves and eladrin because Corellon put out one of Gruumsh’s eyes. The One-Eyed God gives simple orders to his followers:

  • Conquer and destroy.
  • Let your strength crush the weak.
  • Do as you will, and let no one stop you.

Gruumsh is believed to have ‘returned’ shortly before the crucible of the gods held in 8,621, where he:

  • Chose ‘???’ as his Divine Champion.
  • Drew nothing from the Well of Artifacts
  • Abstained in choice of placing a titan


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