Divine Champions

A number of new Divine Champions were chosen during the Crucible of the Gods meeting. These poor individuals have their minds touched by the gods and are converted from being normal every day citizens to fanatics that know with an absolute certainty that not only do the gods exist, but they are the chosen champion of one of them.

The are imbued with fantastic strength of body, mind and soul and inspired to perform incredible, unbelievable deeds in the name of their patron.

The following champions were chosen in the year 8,621.

  • Asmodeus chose an Evil Dragonborn from Krakenheim
  • Mr Jingle, representing Moradin chose a clan-based individual, someone who was potentially a powerful warrior, but a good-hearted one with honour and an understanding of the importance of honour, family and balance.
  • Bane chose Pete Dowd from Tringlee
  • Jack Wright, representing Avandra chose Tom the Cat also from Tringlee
  • Lolth chose a Drow priestess living in the underdark below the Vesve forest
  • Mathas, representing Ioun chose a female, middle-aged scholarly elf, that lives in the “Valley of the Mage”
  • Gruumsh chose a powerful Orc leader from the Griffin Mountains.
  • Riley, representing the Raven Queen chose a wise woman, a healer, from the Kingdom of Keoland.
  • Vecna chose Prince Arvan Greyhawk and raised him as a Death Knight
  • Ragnar, representing Kord chose a proud honourable warrior, a female captain of a ship, one that wielded a scimitar and with a slightly unruly reputation and was known to oppose the strong and support the weak

Divine Champions

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