Cruicible of the Gods

The Cruicible of the Gods, is the name of both a place and an event. Every ten years the gods meet up at the crucible; a white-marble realm that exists slightly outside the mortal realm. Once there they hold a series of games where they brutally and ruthlessly toy with the lives of mortals and wreak havoc across the world by fighting to assert their divine influence in more powerful ways than their rival gods.

Each god is also tasked with furthering their own goals and representing their beliefs and dogma. The choices that they make during the crucible reflect those aspects.

The meetings can vary slightly in format, and anything from two to fourty gods take part, depending on their other ongoing interests. There much always be an even number though, so that those representing the forces of good are matched by those representing evil.

There are usually five rounds to each crucible, where decisions are made that determine how their divine influence is spread. The exact nature of the rounds varies and each crucible is different to the previous one.

It is adjudicated by a being referred to as “the host”, whom usually appears in the form of a small, supplicant, humble being. The host seems to act as a neutral voice speaking for someone that it refers to as “the overlord”.

The overlord appears to have supreme power even over the gods. Little else is known about it.

A crucible was held in the year 8,621 when the gods Asmodeus, Bane, Grumsh, Lolth and Vecna appeared and demanded one. During this event a number of significant new forces were entered into the world.

  • Ten new Divine Champions were chosen.
  • The Immortal Armies were released
  • Seven new artifacts were drawn, to add to the two still in play
  • The Dragons were awoken
  • Five titans were placed within the realms

No good gods were available to oppose the evil deities present, so five significant mortals were chosen to act in their stead.

Cruicible of the Gods

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