BlackJacks Letter

From the office of Farquin Melanosh III

Good morning Mr Wright, I hope that you are feeling somewhat better today than I am. A mixture of too much wine yester eve and shame combined with embarrassment and memory loss has left me feeling rather sorry for myself.

I’m not sure how much of last nights festivities you recall, as I’m informed that you were in a similar state of merriment as myself by the end of the night.

Anyway I thought it best to get the formal outcomes of our torpor wagers established before rumour mill or gossip mongers run away with things.

Having spoken with the royal legal advisor, it would appear that I had no right to stake my father’s Earl title on the outcome of a game of chance. Likewise the kings crown is not mine to gamble, neither is his horse, ship, chambermaid or kingdom. I can only offer my sincere apologies and hope that you are not too disappointed given that you won all those bets.

As a lesson in humility and knowing my limits my father has insisted that I honour the wager I lost and staked one of my homes on.

As such the property at 27 Arcadia Place, Greyhawk and all items within it are now legally yours. I have paid for the transfer of ownership to be performed and ask that this small purse of 1,500 gold pieces go some way to honouring the remaining wagers that I am unable to fulfil.

I hope you are willing to accept this offer in good faith and not take the matter further lest I cause more embarrassment to my family name.


Farquin Melanosh III.

BlackJacks Letter

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