Seal of the Lawbringer

This round, platinum medallion features the holy symbol of Bahamut surrounded by seven stylized golden canaries. A fine platinum chain allows its owner to wear it as a pendant.


The seal’s goals are to fight Tiamat and her servants, to protect the weak from evil and to defend civilization from chaos.

The Seal of the Lawbringer speaks in a calm, authoritative voice that only its bearer can hear. The owner’s devotion to Bahamut’s tenets increases the artifact’s power. The Seal encourages its owner to pray to Bahamut often, especially after victory in battle. The Seal’s ultimate gift is the ability for the character to transform temporarily into a platinum dragon; however, the transformation drains the Seal’s power. The Seal seeks out not only owners who are already followers of Bahamut, but also heroes who have capably slain chromatic dragons and might be receptive to the power the Seal offers.


The seal was drawn forth from the well of artifacts by Mr Jingle at the Crucible of the gods and cast down to the mortal plane for an unwitting mortal to find. It’s current whereabouts are unknown.

This item created some confusion when it was drawn forth from the well, as the mortals representing the gods were divinely imbued with the knowledge of what the item did and it’s purpose, however the names Bahumat and Tiamat are unknown to them.

Seal of the Lawbringer

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