A weapon supposedly forged from a single drop of blood shed by the Chained God when he cut himself on the mote of absolute evil that formed the Abyss.

weapon (melee)

Nightbringer is a powerful sword intent on gathering an army of undead monsters and demons to spread destruction, death, and misery across the planes. On slaughtering anyone and anything that stands between Nightbringer and this goal, and destroying anyone who threatens to leave Nightbringer without a master.


Believed to be in the possession of the tiefling Barbatos Malphas and one of the motivational forces behind the appearance of the tears of destruction.

It is understood that Nightbringer is one of two artifacts that have remained on the mortal plane for the past seven thousand years. It is unknown where they have been during that time, what has been done by them, or why Nightbringer has surfaced now. The other item is the Sword of Kas, its whereabouts is unknown.


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