Mr Jingle

Half Orc Ranger, Two weapon style (Crag Hammers)


“Zahngruul Boarstooth”

(Tuskless individuals struggle to pronounce the forename. “Jingle” is the closest that they seem to get and are able to remember, so “Mr Jingle” has kind of stuck).

Present day Mr. Jingle is 25 years old.

15 years ago Jingle and his Grandad left the mountains to seek employment in the happy go lucky world of humans.

Jingle didn’t mind leaving his 15 brothers and sisters behind as he was going on an adventure with his Grandad.

After leaving the mountain range of Lortmils the pair of them hitched a lift with a caravan of Dwarfs heading for the town of Tringlee.

One of the dwarven members of the caravan was Hamish Mac Longbeer, who after quaffing too much ale one cold and snowy night told the duo his secrets for brewing the perfect pint.

Upon reaching the town of Tringlee the pair said their goodbye to the Dwarfs and set out to find loggings and employment, where they came across Old Lass Granny Smith the local apple farmer and cider brewer. She hired the pair as her only son (And only other member of staff) had just passed away from Pox and needed the help (Her husband had died some years back from a fall from a ladder whilst picking some apples from the tallest tree in the orchard).

Due to the different ways and customs of the other races, Jingle let his Grandad do all the talking in public and over time people just thought he didn’t speak at all. Which was untrue he just choose not to, and preferring his Grandad to sort out all the details with the other folks.

But Jingle had a sharp mind and took to cider making like a fish does to swimming, he even remembered the rambling of the old Dwarf Hamish and adapted those techniques to making his own special cider brew named Jingle Jingle Juzc a mix of Honey Ale and cider with a twist of his own.

Thus over the years this brew become renowned for its strength and some vets use it as a horse tranquilisers, but Jingle has a rather high tolerance to its effects (probably due to the fact that he never stops drinking it). Old Lass Granny Smith love the pair for all the hard work they do and due to the cash the normal cider and Jingle Jingle Juzc brings her in (the pair can’t do any wrong in her eyes), she now one of the wealthiest members of the town.

Around the town Jingle is simply known as Mr. Jingle (Only a Mr. could make such a drink) and his Grandad is affectingly called Old Pap.

Mr. Jingle stands around 6ft 5 and has the body of a athlete and the strength of a bull, his skin has a slight green tinge and he’s covered with black hair all over his body (almost fur like), he doesn’t say much other than to ask for another drink of Jingle Juzc (by use of one word “Jingle” and holding out his empty flagon). His hair on his head is thick and black and worn in dreadlocks, his face has a squareness to it that give him the look of a brick wall with eyes and a mouth.

Jingle can still remember the ways and rituals of his folks back home and one would say his class is still that of a barbarian due to this, but so far in his life he’s never had to get mad with anyone as he’s always manage to find a drink before his vision turns red.

During the festival Mr. Jingle and Old Pap can be found walking around the town and stalls, Old Pap eating sausages and apples (Doesn’t drink much due to bad guts) out of a bag at his side whilst Mr. Jingle drinks the contents of what seems to be an endless supply of bottled Jingle Jingle Juzc in huge a wheel barrow that he’s pushing around. A note on the side of the barrow proclaims the Juice to be price per bottle at 2gp each or 6 for 10gp (Around 200 bottles are in the barrow).


Mr Jingle

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