Deva Artificer, lost in time, forgotten past lives, born as a child


Male Deva Artificer

Favours his Swiftshot Superior Crossbow


The first memory Mathas had was a strange one, he had come accustomed to waking up in the world in a sacred grove or cave as a fully grown adult as was the norm for the Deva race but this time there must have been a problem with the cosmos as years had gone by after his death before he had been reincarnated and for the first time ever in Deva history he was reborn a child!
Waking up to scurrying feet it soon became the norm of his day to leap out of bed and run out of the orphanage at the crack of dawn to avoid the bullies that lived there until one day when avoiding capture he had tripped and fell down a hidden entrance to what appeared to be an arcane chamber near the Kimbertons Circle. For an hour or so he just laid quiet to avoid detection but after time he had became curious of his surroundings and investigated the room to where he found an ancient book. Reading the book he was intrigued by the words and images drawn in it and began following it and experimenting. Over the years he had gained a rudimentary knowledge from this tome and had even tried to become an apprentice from a local old man who was rumoured to be a mage but was refused due to being an orphan and the times were quiet so the old man had forgotten his learnings.
Now a young adult Mathas has managed to get a job working with the towns elders documenting births and deaths, taking minutes in their labourious meetings all for the quiet times he gets with the towns archives to read and research quenching his thirst for knowledge.


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