Barbatos Malphas

A Tiefling Warlock that claims to rule the world


An elderly Tiefling, aged somewhere between 60 and 80 judging on appearances. He has been seen wearing magical artifacts the splendour of which are impossible to describe.

He also bears a magical sword that makes even these epic clothing items seem mundane, a true artifact if ever there was one. He has been seen talking to an unseen ally in the past and it is assumed that it is probably the sword….which raises the question of whom is the monkey and whom is the organ grinder?

He has also been heard making reference to “She” in the passed when talking to ‘one of the annointed’, suggesting that a female deity or similar is involved which his schemes somewhere.

Claiming to have been waging a fifty-year-war on the realm he states that the time of his victory is now imminent and that all should acknowledge him as the ruler of the world.

He has also promised to ‘ return the gods’….whatever that means.

Barbatos Malphas

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