Tears of Destruction

Well, I wasn't expecting that!

You continued to battle on bravely, blasting Corruption Corpses with bolts of radiant energy, cleaving Dread Wights with great arcing sword swings and creating a pile of assorted undead body parts that would have even the most dedicated “Mr Potato Head” fan at a loss as to which bits go where. Ragnar was momentarily toppled by an overwhelming number of draining blows from the Dread Wights, but he was soon helped back to his feet and fought back furiously.

Eventually you emerged victorious and realising that it had been your most challenging encounter so far, you were all in need of a brief rest to regain your composure. During this time you managed to (in a non-strenuous manner) collect up all the treasure from the three chests around the room and scoop it into Mathas’s bag of holding.

With Ragnar retrieving the preserved body of the beautiful human woman, you then opened the one door available to you and proceeded onwards. With a T-junction presenting choices of left or right, you chose left, opened another door and were greeted by a passageway lined with three stone statues. Each statue had a metal chain in it’s hand and look ominously threatening. But not-moving. But still threatening. Somehow.

Jack, correctly assessing that the statues would animate and attack, moved forward cautiously and engaged. With the narrow corridor restricting movement and the statues attacking anything that moved near it, and a pair of Corruption Corpses at the end of the corridor hurling necrotic bolts at you, the fight was frustrating but again you won.

In the dying moments of the battle, Riley manoeuvred passed the final statue and opened the door at the end of the corridor. He was greeted by the sounds of dozens of undead moaning from the next room and shuffling in your direction.

Just when it seemed like this could be the end, something unexpected happened. You were all blinded by a bright glow that forced you to close your eyes. The glow lasted a short moment and when you looked again your surroundings had changed. You were no longer in an underground swamp temple of undead hell. Instead you were all standing in a gleaming white room with walls and floor made from pristine clean marble.

Looking around yourselves you seem to all be in a 20 foot by 40 foot room, furnished with a long gilded table, several reclining chairs covered in dark red cushions. The room had no ceiling, instead the walls ended 20 foot from the floor and open blue sky can be seen above you. A red velvet curtain hangs to the floor at one end of the room, suggesting a doorway or something beyond it.

Much to everyone’s horror you all also soon came to realise that all your clothing and possessions had been removed and you now had nothing, except for a simple brown robe that each of you were wearing. Five pairs of eye-brows furrowed deeply and eyes scanned the room for someone to blame, accuse or vent upon.

At that point a single pair of fast, light footsteps can be heard quickly approaching from the direction of the curtain. A voice called out “Coming my lords, sorry for my tardiness your arrival was most unexpected, but even more welcome!”.

Unsure what to expect, all eyes turned to the curtain and waited.


Mr Potato head fans?

Well, I wasn't expecting that!

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