Tears of Destruction

Unnecessary risks

With the necrotic energy emanating from the nearby tear slowly seeping into your bodies and gradually killing you all, you wasted no time in looking at the four sets of symbols at the end of the room. You quickly swapped ideas, brain-stormed and took the nearby inscription of “Only the faithful shall pass” to mean that you should choose one symbol from each of the four sets, the one that most closely represented one of the ideals of Avandra. You chose them, pushed each one in turn and were rewarded with the stone wall at the end of the room slowly rising into the ceiling revealing a way forward.

With only six minutes taken to solve the puzzle you turned your attention to the beautiful female body laid on the stone plinth and covered in a crystal dome. You examined it carefully, and Mathas checked for magical auras. He detected two, one where the crystal joined the stone and another on the amulet around the neck of the woman. A little further investigation revealed that it was an amulet of life shroud that had preventing the body from decaying and presumably also stopped it from rising as undead.

Feeling the urgency of the situation Blackjack hefted the crystal cover aside to reveal the corpse more clearly. As he did so a bright flash of light burst outwards and the observant folks spotted that the corpses eye flashed open briefly. Nothing else seemed to happen though so Ragnar hefted the woman’s body onto his shoulder and you moved onwards.

Along the newly revealed corridor you soon reached a dead end, with only a single brick in the wall to press but no obvious door to open. Uncertain of the wisdom of pressing the button, but trusting in that “only the faithful” should reach this far you pressed the button and the floor of the 15 foot square room you were all standing in began to descend.

Moans and groans of the dead could soon be heard and the floor descended into a room with four foul zombies in it. You began to battle them but the floor you were standing on kept descending and the floor of the new room also began descending as a single 25 foot square platform. It revealed another wider room with eight more undead in it and some open chests covered in gold and gems.

Just when it seemed matters could not get any worse, the floor merged with the new one creating a 35 foot square platform and descended into a new room that contained twelve more undead creatures.

You were beating them back to some degree but with the weight of numbers being on their side instead of yours and the remaining town guards being killed and dismembered, things were looking a little bleak. A door can be spotted at one end of the room, but reaching it would be tricky and would probably mean leaving behind the treasure, woman’s body and undead that were still a threat. Plus there is no guarantee that opening another door would make things any safer.

At that moment Riley hears the Princes voice in his mind via the ring of co-ordinated assault. He said, “We’re made good progress. I’ve lost half of my men and faced some tough opposition but we are nearly at the tear, the energy level is intense. Hopefully we can reach it and neutralise it. Don’t take any unnecessary risks until you hear back from me. With any luck you’ll all be able to fall back to safety shortly.”

The thought of “unnecessary risks” and “falling back” was not entirely comforting whilst being outnumbered four to one and your way out being forty foot up in the ceiling.



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