Tears of Destruction

To the free city of Greyhawk

After the frantic events not long passed a sombre silence descended upon the group as they took time to draw breath and reflect upon what had just befallen them. 
As they gathered their senses, thoughts turned as to what they should do next, with the choices narrowed to head back to the village, or search for the mysterious item they had seen escape the necrotic cloud.
After a few moments discussion, Riley took the lead by collapsing against the nearest boulder and proclaiming he wasn’t going anywhere until morning.  The rest of the group, too weary to argue, set up camp.
As they camp the discussion turned to the magic items the group had discovered, such rare trinkets had most of the group in awe as the like had not been seen before, Mathas, however took a more practical bent that was bourne from a lifetime in study.
He mentioned that he had a way of transferring the dwearmors from one item to another, however to do so would require resources that we currently did not have access to, however he said pointing at the symbol of daring, he could use that, but doing so would destroy it.
Ragner bristled at the comment, saying that the symbol should be given to Pete the Marshalls son as a reward for his bravery, and hopefully Ragner believed setting him on the path to Kord. After a heated debate the group decided it was more prudent to put their needs ahead of that of Pete. Throwing the symbol at Mathas’ feet, Ragnar stormed off saying he was off to search the ruined crypt for what they had seen, mumbling that if he did find it the group could sell that too.
Mathas retried the symbol and pulling out his spellbook set about preparing the rituals he needed, stating he would require a couple of hours the rest of the group set up camp and started to relax.
Meanwhile Ragnar made steady progress to the crypt, noticing the cloud was starting to disapate, he set about searching and soon found telltale signs of the item, a hole burned through a tree trunk, leading into a boulder. looking into this boulder, he saw a gleaming gem stone. reaching in he pulled out a half tear shaped gem around 3 inches in size, the gem looked liked it had been cracked by a blow of great force.
Back at the camp, the rituals reached a crescendo, and jingle grew more excited thrusting his hammer towards mathas, while making a crackling sound.  A few moments later it was enchanted with the power of lightning, also Jacks blade burst into flame.
Ragnar return the camp and passes the gem he found around the group, Riley taking a special interest in it begins to study it, he speaks to the group saying that given time, he believes he can unlock its secrets. Mathas agrees to aid him in whatever way he can.
Now that the group has the gem, the decision of what to do next is an easy one, they will head back to the village and report upon what has happened, hoping that this will give them insight into what to do next.
After an uninterupted and very welcome nights sleep, the group head of early for Tringlee, the journey is relatively uneventful, until the group get close to town and there they see for the first time in history a guard posted on the road into Tringlee,  taken aback by such developments, Jack approaches the guard, who is fast asleep propped up against his pitchfork.
A conversation ensues, with Jack questioning the man, who he knows from town about what he is doing, it turns out thats Petes stories of events combined with the dark cloud had spooked the townsfolk and mayor Bran had ordered a guard watch the road.
undaunted the group head into town, the festival is starting up, but feels somehow drained of cheers most of the towns folk instead of talking in cheery voices are whipering and sending furtive glances the groups way.
Heading int othe tavern, Mayor Brann greeted us with a mixed air of expectation and aprehension, wanting to know all the details of what had happened.  Between them the group recalled all the details, and despite Branns initial disbelief, he found it hard to deny the facts.
Unsure what to do he calledfor a town council meeting, gather the town elders to decide what to do, this we were told was a rare occurance. While he set this in motion, the group decided to toast their success with some fine spirits.
Soon the elders gathered and we once again prepared to recount the events, before we could start however Emily interrupted us, saying a rider had arrived wishing to speak to the council about recent events, Brann motioned for the stranger to enter, as he did we noticed a well travelled man wearing an emblem that we identified as the crest of greyhawk, he had a uniform and carried no weapons. He introduced himself as Gareth Brown, an agent tasked with ensuring the safety of Greyhawk and its outlying lands.  The tremor and mushroom cloud had been seen and felt in lands further afield than Tringlee and he had come to investigate.  A few questions later seemed to show he was genuine.
we told the story once more and this garnered pretty much the same response as previous tellings from most of the council. however one of the members ??, an Eladrin who Mathas knew well and Gareth both seemed genuinely concerned, The Eladrin had heard of the devil we encountered believing they may have spent some time studying together in Greyhawk.  It was at this point we noticed that the locals of tringlee were using any vantage point to pry upon us.
Ignoring the massed hordes outside, Gareth told us that what we had encountered did not seem to be unique, and that plans had been set in motion to investigate further, he requested that we travel to Greyhawk to give details to the powers there.  After a period of debate we decided to leave in the morning, giving us the remainder of the afternoon and the night to put our affairs in order.
As we left the Inn the villages swarmed us, hailing us as heroes, which didn’t sit well with the group Ragnar pushing through the group, paying them little heed, Riley and Mathas seeking to steer clear of the limelight, Jack however issued a rallying cry for the town to arm itself in face of the oncoming darkness.  This seemed to disperse the group as they looked for weapons.
The night passed differently for many members of the group, Ragner retold sagas and psalms of Kord to those willing to listen. Mathas studied his books, Jack offered advice to his apprentice, Jingle said his goodbyes to his family and stocked up Jingle juice.  however Riley perhaps had the most interesting night, often ignored by most of the towns folk he was surprised to find a visitor waiting for him as he made his way back home, it was Rose the mayors daughter, at first Riley thought she was there out of some sort of morbid curiosity, but a they talk it became clear she had become enamoured by him and his tales of braves deeds.  The small talk soon turned into a more physical attraction and Riley got very little sleep that night.
As the group meet early the plan was to travel to the earest northern village and acquire horses there. So with the sun rising on a fine summers day the group set off, the first part of the journey was pretty uneventful, mainly spent traversing the mountains, the pace picking up when the horses were bought.
Approaching the last leg of our journey we had to cross a great woods, it was then that Gareth told us of another part of his quest, he had been tasked to find some old ruins that belonged to the king and recover certain items from there.   He expalined he had visited all three, but had trouble with one of them. It turned out that a tribe of goblins had set up home there and were very suspicous of strangers, however now he had us in tow, he thought they maybe  more reasonable, this was backed up when Mathas revealed he knew a few words of goblinoid.
As we approached we saw the ruined manor of which Gareth spoke, onlt a few crumbling walls remained now, however it was also easy to spot the goblin camp. As the creatures saw us most of them scuttled into a cave at the rear of the camp, however one of the braver ones stepped forward and negotiated with Mathas
The negotioations lasted a while, it appeared that the lower vaults had become inhabited by what the goblins called ‘Banes burrowers’ and wanted our assurance that should we go down there, we would clear these out. Mathas told us these burrowers were a form of giant ant.
Agreeing to the task the group headed down into the vaults, the first part of this journey was not plesent, as it appeared that the goblins had been using excriment as a deterrent to the Ants, wading our way through we soon got into a natural cavern, its main feature being a large door facing us, we also notice a smaller passageway in the far corner, aided by Ranar and Jack, Jingle tried to force the door open, however it seemed age had seeled it tight. Lighting his blade, Jack braved the passage, it was a tight fit but we all managed to squeeze through this opened into a similar chamber, but with an extra exit in the south east corner.  Luckily this time Jingle opend the door with ease, while he did this, we got our first clance of the ‘Banes Burrowers’ as they came down the northern passage. 
As the door opened it seemed we had stumbled into the queens chambers, as she was sat in the room, surrounded by workers and a clutch of eggs, she did not seem pleased to see us…..



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