Tears of Destruction

The summer festival

The Tringlee summer festival got under-way but by midday the town Mayor seemed agitated, and not just by his 16 year old daughters floozy flirting with anything in trousers.  He summoned you guys to his inn and informed you of smoke seen out at the Heathstone Brothers farmstead (15 miles out of town).  The brothers were due in town two days ago so the Marshal and his son Pete had gone yesterday to investigate and they were due back by now too.  When pressed he revealed that a local hunter, Stanley Prand, had spouted crazy-talk about bandits attacking the farmstead and eating the brothers; the Mayor didn’t believe a word of that though.

He asked you all to head out and see if there was any trouble.  He kitted you out with fancy weapons and armour, the likes of which aren’t ever seen in these parts but were kept in a secret cache under Black Jack’s smithy.  He led you to a local monument called Kimbertons Circle (supposedly magical) where following an unknown and not-understood town tradition he said some words and “lent gravitas to the situation” by asking you to do your best for your friends and community.

You headed off, hoping not to miss too much of the summer fair, travelled until night fall and camped for the night.  Setting off the next morning you arrived at the smoking remains of the farm stead just before midday.  There you found no signs of the Marshal or his son, but two Ghouls were feasting upon the remains of the two Heathstone brothers.  You destroyed the undead and recovered a blessed trinket (+1 Holy Symbol of Daring – Adv. Vault 2, P29) from around the neck of one of the brothers.  Examining the body also showed that the Ghouls had not killed the brothers but a flaming sword had.



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