Tears of Destruction

The Crypt of the Crimson Shield

Write up provided by Scoff whom plays Ragnar

We resumed our encounter with the necrotic vines, however we soon overcame the threat and hacked the entrance way clear.  Realising that we only had a few minutes before we lost the benefits of the sunlight we moved swiftly into the Dwarven crypt.
The entrance chamber was vast, two side chambers supported by pillars stretched from the sides of the main room, while a corridor stretched away in the far wall. With no threat immediately visible we investigated the chamber, the first thing that struck us was a vast wall carving stretching all the way around the perimeter of the chamber, although badly eroded by age we managed to discern that it recounted the life of an adventuring party known as the ‘Crimson shield’.  This group consisted of four members, one of whom was unnaturally tall (7ft) and wielded what looked like a crimson shield and a flaming sword, we soon deduced that this fellow had been reanimated and was the undead that we had fought earlier and named marshal bane skeleton.  We reasoned that there must be three more out there.
Further investigation showed an interesting conundrum in the right chamber, a chasm created by tectonic movement of the mountain range, was laced with freshly spun web, however temptingly close to this chasm was an alcove full of treasure.  We decided to leave this for the moment as we had more pressing concerns, reasoning it to be a trap.
Peering down the far corridor we saw some ghoulish eyes peering back, but soon scuttling away from us and the sunlight, we decided to head down the corridor and end their threat while we had the benefit of the sun. 
The corridor stretched on a while, but eventually opened onto a balcony that was above a large circular tomb room, the balcony to the left ended in stairs down to the room, to the right, the same although the stairs had collapsed and while could still be used they were hazardous.  Before we could reach either set of stairs on our level were three corridors running off.

There is a green crystal suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the room, bathing the room in green daylight. In the large circular room we could see three sarcophagi, smashed open from the inside, and at the very far end a plinth that supported a small tear shaped black stone, the proximity to this stone seemed to increase the effects of the necrotic energy, and we could spend only a few minutes here before falling ill, we reasoned this stone was emanating the energy and possibly causing the corpses to animate.
We investigated the three side corridors, it was a short corridor that opened into a small tomb, and in there were three undead, beckoning us in with their foul cries. We noticed two ghoul like creatures and what looked like a Marshall bane skeleton, deciding we need to remove the threat we entered the room, however it was a tough combat as the rooms size meant that they could easily flank us and limit our attacks against them, this tactics played into their hands as with they could easily tie us down, but luckily our skill prevailed, with Jack and Ragnar soaking up a lot of attacks, while Jingle burst into the room, and while drawing a few attacks was able to get into a good attacking position, eventually we over came them, but it had taken its toil, as we were all battered and bruised.  The corpses yielded a hammer and amulet.
Without resting we healed as best we could, and entered the second corridor, it was a similar set-up to the first however the Skeleton had range in the form of a crossbow, the combat was a long affair with the necrotic energy seemingly draining the heroes, as a lot of blows were tired and inaccurate, fortunately the undead were equally effected, perhaps affected by years of being entombed.  We eventually overcame hem, but at a cost, we had expended a lot of resource, and we knew we must rest up before continuing, we decided to to move out of this chamber and heal up, before we did, we took the crossbow and some leather armour from the undead.



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