Tears of Destruction

Meeting the annointed

Having finished watching the Unseen Servant copying the proclamations, Jingle grabbed the quill and modifies the original text so that at the end it includes something along the lines of ‘And the Tringlee crew are going to sort Barbatos out’.  The unseen servant then mindlessly includes this new text onto the remaining copies it produces.

Feeling proud of himself Jingle then heads out of the room to explore the dark passageway and what sounds like an audience beyond it.  He proceeds cautiously and manages to travel the 100 foot of winding passageway and reach the next room without being detected.

The passageway opens up on a ledge about 60 foot high in the side of a natural cavern.  The cavern is 200 foot wide and 300 foot long and dimly lit by six flaming braziers, three along either side, equally spaced.  At the right hand end of the cavern is a raised area, almost like a natural stage and upon the stage stands a vertical stone circle….like the teleportation circle you found near the Crypt of the Crimson Shield.  This one however is clearly brand new, not thousands of years old.  A path slopes away to Jingles left, curving around the cavern edge and circling to eventually meet the floor.

The cavern also contains some beings.

On the main floor area are 80 to 90 shadowy winged creatures, looking exactly like this.

Each one of them holds a rolled up sheet of paper that looks likely to be a copy of the proclamation that the unseen servant was reproducing.  They also stand facing the stage area where two more figures stand.

The Tiefling, Barbatos Malphas stands with his back to his audience.  He is busy chanting and making arcane gestures at the teleportation circle.  Between him and the shadowy hoard stands a ferocious looking Dragonborn, wearing full plate and with a great axe strapped to his back.  Jingle overhears some of his words addressed to the crowd:

“…have your copies of the terms of surrender, and you all know your assigned targets.  You should not expect compliance when you first hand the terms over.  However you will return to your targets every turn of the moon and offer the same terms again.  Return once surrender has been offered, it will happen sooner or later.  cruel laugh  Inform them that surrendering sooner will be more favourable for their citizens, but brook no negotiations, offer no concessions….”

Jingle then creeps back along the tunnel before he is discovered.  He reports back in Jingle-fashion to his colleagues and Riley and Mathas stumble and stagger along the corridor to let their more educated minds take a look at the creatures on the cavern floor.  They make it to the cavern and view the creatures…..deciding they are demonic (not undead) in nature, at which point an Imp appears next to them and shrieks “Intruders!!!!!!” at the top of it’s whiney voice.

Several things happen quickly….the Tiefling completes his ritual and the teleportation circle is activated.  He gestures to the host of shadowy demons and orders them through the portal.  They stream forward, merging into almost a single black cloud, overlapping and mingling, making as fast as the wind.

The Dragonborn turns to the Tiefling and insists on being granted permission to deal with the intruders himself.  He mentions “given the tight schedule we are on and the importance of his mission”.  The Tiefling replies with “You are one of her ”/campaign/tears-of-destruction/wikis/the-annointed" class=“wiki-page-link”> anointed, you have seen her and know the truth, so you know what is at stake and what fate will await you if you fail."  The Dragonborn replies “I will not fail master”.  The Tiefling replies “Good, this location is of strategic importance, and its location should remain a secret”

The Dragonborn then starts running towards the path leading up to the ledge that Riley and Mathas are stood on….whom naturally make a hasty retreat to their colleagues and issue a battle cry of “Incoming!!!”

The heroes take tactical positions in the room with the unseen servant and prepare for the Dragonborn.  They don’t have to wait long, although he does not come alone.  A bloody battle ensues with six Bladelings and the Dragonborn all being slain.  Ragnar removed the Dragonborns head uttering the lines: “Tell whoever you work for that they are next, Ragnar champion of Kord will have his vengeance”.

The bloody remains of the corpse is soon stripped of it’s magic armour and weapon, which Mathas and Riley quickly identify between them.

With the threat neutralised, you head down and explore the cavern.  There is nothing new to see that couldn’t be seen from the ledge.  Jingle puts the severed Dragonborn skull by on the floor by the portal though and then spends half an hour banging away…..at the portal, and eventually causes enough damage to cause it to collapse and be rendered useless.

With nothing else left to do you head back up on the lift and out of the house on Long Latch Lane.  You emerge and are greeted by about twenty very nervous guards pointing crossbows in your direction.  Your gnomish guide emerges from behind a plant pot and assures the guards that you are the good guys.

You inform him of what you’ve found and between passing-out spells he eventually gathers his wits and insists that you report all of this to the king at once.  You head to the Keep and await his presence in the same meeting room as before.  Again he joins you after a few minutes wait, accompanied by Advisor Sodor and the head mage.



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