Tears of Destruction

Entering the Zone of Corruption

Once the underwater maze had been navigated you hurriedly moved on, aware of the constantly damaging effects of the tears aura that you were experiencing. In the new room you discovered only one discernible feature, a door with a single stone button to press to open it.

You open the door which falls into a slot beneath the doorway. The door is solid stone, one foot think and the opening mechanism suggests that once opened there is no easy way of raising the door and closing it again.

With the door opened you immediately became aware that the necrotic energy level had risen and that you were now entering the Zone of Corruption, where Riley had concluded that the energy levels would be higher and that you would be much more likely to encounter undead and corrupted creatures.

You moved forward into the next room and were confronted with two more doors, one to your left and one to your left. You opened the right one with a noisy slam as the door dropped permanently downwards. You moved into the tunnel beyond, opened a second door and found a new room.

The room contained several pillars crackling with electrical energy and some ghouls and tomb motes within. With the backup of the guards you managed to dispatch them without too much trouble.

Moving into the room beyond you descend some steps and discovered a flooded room three foot deep in water. Blackjack entered the room and crossed it to the door on the opposite side. Once there he was suddenly attacked by an undead Aboleth.

A more substantial combat followed with Ragnar striking a telling blow that turned the tide (77 damage in a single blow at level 4!!!!).



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