Tears of Destruction

Beneath the city

In your quest to discover what had happened to the missing Dwarven Stonemasons, you had followed leads to an old house adjoining the city wall at the end of Long Latch Lane.  You had entered and defeated an undead gate keeper.

You searched the robes that the Gatekeeper Wight had been wearing and found an iron key and two ritual scrolls of Unseen Servant.  The key opened an iron door embedded in the city wall that the DM had forgotten to mention the previous week.  You unlocked it and ventured inside.

Illuminating the pitch black with your magical lantern, you discovered a 10 foot by 10 foot room hollowed out in the heart of the city wall.  In the room was only one feature, an iron platform with a lever attached to it that went in two directions.  You all boarded the platform and moved the lever from one side to the next.  Experimenting a little you discovered that the two lever positions were “up” and “down”.

When set to “down” the platform descended in perfect silence at a speed of 1/2 foot per second.  When set to “up” the platform came up in perfect silence at a speed of around 1 foot per 20 seconds.  With the shaft appearing to be about 100 foot deep, this meant that the ride to the bottom would take a couple of minutes but the ride back up would take half an hour!

You descended on the platform until it came to a stop in another 10 foot by 10 foot room.  In that room were the inner workings of the lift.  It became clear that the lift was powered by an underground water supply.  The water filled a tank and the lever controlled when it was emptied over a fly-wheel, causing the platform to go up down.  Given the half hour wait to head back up, you thought it best to explore a little first.

You took the only exit from the room, a passageway that wound around for 50 foot, descending slightly and ending at a door.  A smell of animals and rotting flesh came from the other side.  You opened the door and manoeuvred into the room to be confronted by a grey-skinned humanoid that had many spiked protruding from its flesh all over it’s body.  The spiked humanoid was feeding a severed dwarf leg to a creature in a cage.  In total there were five cages with four of them having occupants.  An imp was also seen sitting on the shoulder of the humanoid.

A messy combat followed against foul creatures not seen for thousands of years.  Demons from the abyss!  From old tomes and fire-side stories you guessed them to be Dretch’s and Abyssal Scavengers, not to mention the imp.

You eventually triumphed and silence descended allowing you a few minutes to catch your breath.  During the rest you found a couple of healing potions and some gold & silver coins in the possessions of the Bladeling.  A quick scan of the pile of Dwarven body parts in the corner also suggested that you may have found some or all of the missing Dwarven stone masons.



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