Tears of Destruction

Arriving in Greyhawk

After defeating the Queen ant, the heroes advance into the next chamber where they are attacked by a large cube of blue slime and a couple more ant drones. They dispatch these final foes without too much trouble and open the royal vault. Gareth enters and gathers up all the items on his manifest, putting things into a magical bag.

He discovers that some of the ants acid has destroyed the bottom part of the list, so that leaves some items unaccounted for, which he turns a blind eye to and lets the heroes help themselves as a well deserved reward.

They emerge from the vault and Mathas informs the ‘ Four-wall clan’ of goblins that the ant threat has been neutralised.¬†¬†They reward Mathas with a very poor quality spear that is probably a liability to anyone whom uses it in a life and death situation.

They resume their journey to Greyhawk and arrive bone-weary 28 long tiring days after leaving Tringlee. They pass freely through the city gates, with the gate guard only noticing them as Gareth engaged him in conversation to check for news.

They head into the town and stop briefly at Gareths house, a humble wooden shack in the poorer side of town. They are introduced to his wife and son and assured that there will always be shelter and a meal for them under his roof. He swears so on his Sentinels Oath.

They move on and briefly stop at the Sentinel head quarters, a plain three-storey stone building displaying the Greyhawk coat of arms either side of the door. Gareths commander is briefed but stops them only a couple of minutes into the story, takes them straight to Castle Greyhawk and sends a servant to fetch the king. He also arranges rooms, meals and a bath for them at the Horn Blowers inn when they are ready, and has their horses taken there too.

They wait for fifteen minutes andthe King appears with another man carrying a book, whom introduces himself as Advisor Sodor. The king is a jolly man that seems to find their story a very entertaining tale but doesn’t come across as completely convincing that he understands and appreciates the threat it reveals.

A middle aged man wearing robes decorated with arcane symbols joins the discussion about half way through and peers over Advisor Sodor’s notes to catch up on what he has missed. He seems initially sceptical and amused but eventually concludes that their must be truth in their tale as the detail of the story is too plausible for non-arcane folk to make up. The magical items that they bear also helps convince him.

Advisor Sodor seems to remain dismissive and non-impressed during the whole tale. Taking notes and huffing and blowing in disbelief.

The king wants to reward the heroes with “the key to the city” but Advisor Sodor quotes an ancient by-law that insists on recipients of the key needing to perform their deed within the city limits. The king counters with a suggestion that they look into the disappearance of a local stonemason, he can then reward them justly.

The king also agrees to recruit 50% more guards and increase the level of military training that city guards receive. In the mean time the arcane man agrees to look into the facts of their story and see if he can find anything about a Tiefling named Barbatos Malphas.

The king also commissions Blackjack to craft him a set of armour worthy of royalty.

They agree to meet and discuss again in two nights time at a celebratory feast in honour of our heroes. A number of visiting dignitaries will be in town by then and it will have given everyone time to research the information and decide how best to move forward.

In the mean time they are to look into the missing citizens and are to have the help of another of the kings advisors to act as a guide and aid for them in the city.



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